Raw Storage and Reclaim System

  • Custom storage pile of virtually any size or configuration

    Custom designed to meet each customer's requirements, PICOR's raw storage and reclaim systems configure bulk materials, transported from the mine, into storage piles of any size or shape.

  • Reclaim tunnel with flow control gates

    Reclaim tunnels use heavy duty flow control gates to modulate material flow during the reclaiming process.


Preparation Plant

  • Separates impurities from salable product

    Coal or other bulk material is processed at a preparation plant to remove impurities.

  • Sizes product

    The material can be sorted and/or classified according to chemical composition.

  • Disposal of waste

    Waste material is processed to meet environmental standards and then sent for permanent disposal.


Precision Loading System ™

  • State of the art design

    PICOR's revolutionary Precision Loading Systems bring affordability and innovation to both rail and truck loading.

  • High volume batch weigh system

    Bulk material is loaded by conveyor into the high speed "triple batch" system where it is then discharged into rail cars at a loading rate of 6,000 tons per hour.

  • Accuracy and Precision

    With a 0.1% weighing and 0.5% batching accuracy, as well as decreased system size, PICOR Precision Loading Systems save your company time, money and resources.


Rotary Car Dump

  • Faster and more efficient than bottom discharge designs

    The rotary car dump maximizes efficiency in unloading unit trains by turning the rail car on its side to discharge material.

  • Multiple railcar dumping capability

    Several rotary car dumps can be used simultaneously to speed the unloading process.

  • Automated design

    The rotary car dump's automated design allows for simple cost-saving discharge. Material is then taken by conveyor to on-site storage.


Walker Reclaimer

  • State of the art design

    The Walker Reclaimer is a streamlined system that allows storage and reclaim of an unlimited amount of bulk material.

  • Stores bulk materials

    Coal, iron ore, grain or other bulk materials can be stored in the enclosed system consisting of shallow square surfaces with reclaim gates in the center of each square.

  • Reclaims 100% of bulk material without dozers or loaders

    Material flows into the reclaim gate until a stable inverted cone is formed. A network of vibrators then keeps material flowing into the gate until all material has been discharged, reclaiming 100% of the material without dozers or loaders.

  • Reduces labor and maintenance costs

    This innovative system reduces labor and maintenance costs normally associated with reclaiming systems.


Waste Treatment and Mixing System

  • More stable product

    PICOR designed waste handling systems receive and treat waste materials to form a more stable and environmentally friendly product.

  • Dust control

    Water is mixed with fly ash and gypsum to control dust.

  • Consolidated Storage

    The waste mixture can be stored in consolidated storage until transported for permanent disposal.

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PICOR was founded in 1977 and is a global engineering, procurement and project managing company. PICOR is considered to be the world's leading expert in the Bulk Material Handling Industry. PICOR's corporate office is located in Johnson City, Tennessee, USA, with offices in India and partnerships in Australia.   PICOR has cumulative engineering experience of over 90 years and takes much pride in finding solutions for the most difficult projects. Original design is PICOR's forte. Solving engineering problems is an art that requires the implementation of technology. PICOR utilizes it's years of industry-specific knowledge to analyze the customer's needs. From this evaluation the solution is found and the best valued system is created.

Harold A. and Donna F. Walker hold four United States patents in Bulk Material Handling field and two patents awarded in China, two patents awarded in Australia and twelve patents pending in various other countries.

Recent News

Coal-Gen 2010 Conference, August 10-12, 2010

August 10, 2010

PICOR attended the Coal-Gen 2010 conference, August 10 - 12, 2010, held in Pittsburgh, PA. USA.  PICOR was an Exhibtor, as well as, a Gold Sponsor for this event.  PICOR displayed its latest technology, The Walker Reclaimer (patent published).

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May 11, 2010

Mr. Harold A. (Tony) Walker, CEO/President of PICOR was recently awarded Best Paper Award at the Annual Geominetech Symposium ENTS - Conference held in Bhubaneswar, India, May 11th- 12th, 2010.  Walker's paper titled, Modern Bulk Material Loading, Storage and Reclaim Methods included an introduction to his patented  train and truck Precision Loading Systems.  PICOR has developed two types of Truck Precision Loading Systems. One type is a batch system which weighs the amount of material loaded into trucks to within 0.1% accuracy.  The other type incorporates a truck scale under a truck loading bin and weighs the amount of material loaded into trucks to within 0.25%.  Due to the overloading of railcars or in some cases railcars that are not loaded to capacity Mr. Walker introduced his patented Train Precision Loading Systems technology. Walker explained, "A properly designed Train Precision Loading System will load trains at rates exceeding 15,000 TPH and load each railcar to within 0.5% of its design gross weight."   Mr. Walker's latest technology, The Walker Reclaimer, was also discussed.  The Walker Reclaimer combines the attributes of the stockpile over a reclaim tunnel and the vertical storage silo.  Since the Walker Reclaimer is an enclosed system the stored material is protected from the environment and the environment is protected from the material.  Walker concluded, "this technology was developed to provide the most economical method to load trucks and trains and to reclaim a wide range of bulk materials from stockpiles, ships, and barges, while protecting the material and the environment."     {...}

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International Coal Prep 2010

April 26, 2010

PICOR attended the International Coal Prep 2010 conference held in Lexington, Kentucky USA on April 26-29, 2010.  PICOR was an Exhibtor at this conference, as well as, a Premier Sponsor. PICOR took this opportunity to dicuss their patented technology including Truck and Train Precision Loading Systems and their lastest technology, The Walker Reclaimer(patent pending).  This system can be used to reclaim bulk materials from large, circular, domed structures allowing a large amount of material to be stored and reclaimed in a very limited area.  Some very exciting uses of the Walker Reclaimer are in the design of self unloading barges and ships.  By installing a Walker Reclaimer in each hold of a ship and providing a collecting conveyor under the discharge openings, a self unloading ship of simple design, low cost, and maintenance is achieved.  For existing bulk carriers, it would be economical to install the Walker Reclaimer and increase the annual capacity of the vessel to up to twenty percent.  Installing the Walker Reclaimer system in barges and putting a receiving hopper on the stern of each barge, it is possible to unload a raft of barges without breaking the raft. {...}

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