Undercut and Clamshell Gates

PICOR Undercut Gates are generally used to control the flow of large ( 4") material. They are generally of very robust construction to withstand the high impact loads and wear. Undercut gates can be designed to easily close through a column of large material without jamming. This is because the tolerances can be made large and the pinch point at the closed position easily eliminated.

All our designs are heavy duty and built to last. Depending on the application, our gates can be constructed of any combination of mild steel, abrasion resistant steel, and stainless steel. We also feature advanced liners such as chromium carbide plate and special plastics. Actuation can be either manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric. With so many options, call us so we can provide the best design for your specific application.


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My experience to date with Tony Walker and his staff at Picor has been, and is, very positive. Picor was the only company of many who were solicited, to be able to come up with a design that fit our needs.

Bruce A. Miller - - Kennecott Energy Corporation

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