PICOR awarded Waste Handling System for major coal fired power plant - TBC 4th Quarter 2010

June 16, 2008

The Waste Processing and Handling System consists of the following components:

• Bottom Ash Conveyors
• Fly Ash Conveyors
• Waste Mixing Building
• Waste Storage Conveyor System
• Luffing Linear Waste Stacker
• Luffing Emergency Waste Stacker
• Waste Storage Pile
• Waste Reclaimers
• Waste Loading Conveyor System
• Waste Train Precision Loading System™

Bottom ash, fly ash, and gypsum are blended in the mixing building to make a material that can be handled by conventional means. This material is then placed in storage by a Schade Linear Luffing Stacker. The blended waste is reclaimed from storage by dozers and pushed to three Stamler Chain Feeder Recalimers. The reclaimers deliver blended waste to a conveyor system that conveys 3,000 TPH of blended waste to a PICOR Train Precision Loading System™.

The PICOR Train Precision Loading System™ is designed to allow the blended ash to be loaded into railcars at the rate of 3,000 TPH.

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