PICOR awarded Petroleum Coke Truck Precision Loading System for The Wood River Refinery

April 10, 2008

The Wood River Petroleum Coke Truck Precision Loading System™ consists of a 1,000 ton capacity surge bin of cylindrical design with a conical hopper, a weigh bin of 30 ton capacity of cylindrical design with a conical hopper, a PICOR Truck Loading Chute, PICOR flow control gates to make the system operable. Support steel, weighing system, weighing system enclosures, advanced design hydraulic system with proportional control valves to operate the gates and loading chute, and all hardware required to operate and control the system were supplied by PICOR.  From the top of the surge bin to the truck loading chute, the entire system is sealed. Petroleum coke is fed to the Precision Loading System™ by a belt conveyor with a discharge arrangement designed to allow the future installation of a transfer conveyor to a planned adjacent Truck Precision Loading System™. As petromeum coke is discharged into the 1,000 ton surge bin, displaced air is routed through a bin vent that prevents coke dust discharge into the atmosphere. The amount of material in the surge bin is monitored by strain gages mounted in the six main surge bin support columns. When a truck is to be loaded, it is first directed to a tare scale. The truck tare weight is subtracted from the allowable gross weight to obtain the net weight of coke to be batched for that truck. When the truck arrives at the Truck Precision Loading System™, the exact amount of material to be loaded will be batched and waiting. The truck will pull into position and, when directed by the truck driver, the weigh bin discharge gate will open loading the truck. When the weigh bin is empty, the discharge gate will close and the truck will be instructed to leave. Truck loading information will be delivered to the refineries data network.

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