3rd Asian Mining Congress

February 02, 2010

PICOR President and CEO Mr. Harold A. (Tony) Walker, and Marketing Manager Mrs. Donna F. Walker attended The 3rd Asian Mining Congress, January 22-25, 2010 in Kolkata, India. With growing presence in Asia, PICOR attends to offer world class bulk material handling solutions and systems using their patented state-of-the-art technology.

India is the second fastest-growing coal market in the world and has become one of the world's largest economy. PICOR President and CEO Mr. Harold A. (Tony) Walker conducted a technical Seminar on January 22, 2010, discussing the application of material handling systems in the mines. Mr. Walker introduced his latest technology, The Walker Reclaimer, which offers a new approach to handling bulk material. The advantages to the Walker Reclaimer are the cost savings, environmental, and safety. The system offers 100% live reclaim from the stockpile, which reduces the reclaiming costs by orders of magnitude. The operational costs are a fraction of any other system. Over 8 billion bulk materials are handled annually in which coal, iron ore, and grain make up the vast majority of that figure. Walker stated, "if the Walker Reclaimer can save a small amount the potential economic impact would be huge."

For further details regarding The Walker Reclaimer, please refer to the articles section on the website to read the paper, which was presented at the conference.

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