International Coal Prep 2010

April 26, 2010

PICOR attended the International Coal Prep 2010 conference held in Lexington, Kentucky USA on April 26-29, 2010.  PICOR was an Exhibtor at this conference, as well as, a Premier Sponsor. PICOR took this opportunity to dicuss their patented technology including Truck and Train Precision Loading Systems and their lastest technology, The Walker Reclaimer(patent pending).  This system can be used to reclaim bulk materials from large, circular, domed structures allowing a large amount of material to be stored and reclaimed in a very limited area.  Some very exciting uses of the Walker Reclaimer are in the design of self unloading barges and ships.  By installing a Walker Reclaimer in each hold of a ship and providing a collecting conveyor under the discharge openings, a self unloading ship of simple design, low cost, and maintenance is achieved.  For existing bulk carriers, it would be economical to install the Walker Reclaimer and increase the annual capacity of the vessel to up to twenty percent.  Installing the Walker Reclaimer system in barges and putting a receiving hopper on the stern of each barge, it is possible to unload a raft of barges without breaking the raft.

The PICOR technology was developed to provide the most economical method to load truck, trains and to reclaim a wide range of bulk materials from stockpiles, ships, and barges while protecting the material and the environment.

 As the XVI International Coal Preparation Congress (ICPC) Co-Locating with the Coal Prep 2010,  PICOR welcomed their Austrailan partners Halley & Mellowes Group of Compaines, Berkeley Vale, NSW. 

PICOR General Manager Mr. Rick Wallace, P.E., Mr. Shankar Damodaran, Purchasing Manager, Mr. Jason Burton, Designer and Mr. Keith Hinton, Designer, along with other PICOR staff members explained in detail to many returning clients, as well as, new potential clients,  how the PICOR technology is being used worldwide. 

PICOR Marketing Manager Mrs. Donna Walker would like to thank all attendees who visited our booth, to Mr. Sam Posa, Coal Prep Sales Director, for his insight and kindness which led PICOR to a extremely successful conference, and the entire PICOR staff, for without the entire team nothing would be possible.  A special thanks to Mr. Wayne Solomon, Eyssx Design and Exhibits, for his hard work, dedication, and management of the PICOR Exhibition Booth! 

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