May 11, 2010

Mr. Harold A. (Tony) Walker, CEO/President of PICOR was recently awarded Best Paper Award at the Annual Geominetech Symposium ENTS - Conference held in Bhubaneswar, India, May 11th- 12th, 2010.  Walker's paper titled, Modern Bulk Material Loading, Storage and Reclaim Methods included an introduction to his patented  train and truck Precision Loading Systems.  PICOR has developed two types of Truck Precision Loading Systems. One type is a batch system which weighs the amount of material loaded into trucks to within 0.1% accuracy.  The other type incorporates a truck scale under a truck loading bin and weighs the amount of material loaded into trucks to within 0.25%.  Due to the overloading of railcars or in some cases railcars that are not loaded to capacity Mr. Walker introduced his patented Train Precision Loading Systems technology. Walker explained, "A properly designed Train Precision Loading System will load trains at rates exceeding 15,000 TPH and load each railcar to within 0.5% of its design gross weight."   Mr. Walker's latest technology, The Walker Reclaimer, was also discussed.  The Walker Reclaimer combines the attributes of the stockpile over a reclaim tunnel and the vertical storage silo.  Since the Walker Reclaimer is an enclosed system the stored material is protected from the environment and the environment is protected from the material.  Walker concluded, "this technology was developed to provide the most economical method to load trucks and trains and to reclaim a wide range of bulk materials from stockpiles, ships, and barges, while protecting the material and the environment."    

PICOR Marketing Manager, Mrs. Donna F. Walker,  would like to extend her personal graditute to The Indian Mineral Industry Journal and Mr. J.K.Hota, Editor and Geominetech Conference Organizing Secretary,  for the opportunity to introduce the PICOR technology and the kindness that was extended to both her and her husband during their visit to Bhubaneswar.  

The entire staff at PICOR would also like to congratulate Mr. Walker on this recent award.

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