Coal-Gen 2010 Conference, August 10-12, 2010

August 10, 2010

PICOR attended the Coal-Gen 2010 conference, August 10 - 12, 2010, held in Pittsburgh, PA. USA.  PICOR was an Exhibtor, as well as, a Gold Sponsor for this event.  PICOR displayed its latest technology, The Walker Reclaimer (patent published).

The Walker Reclaimer consists of one of more square conical surfaces each sloped down toward an opening in its center.  Each conical surface consists of a steel plate supported by a support system and lined with a low friction surface.  In the center of the conical surface is a reclaim opening fitted with a PICOR flow control gate.  Attached to the underside of the conical surface are a number of vibrators.  When the PICOR flow control gate is opened, material flows by gravity onto the reclaim conveyor.  The flow rate through the opening is matched to the conveyor capacity by the PICOR flow control gate.  When a flow channel is established in the stockpile, a number of vibrators around the reclaim opening are energized.  Since the density of flowing bulk material is significantly less than that of static material, the vibration energy introduced into the static material around the flow channel causes the flow channel to widen.  The material on the conical surface around the reclaim opening will migrate into the reclaim opening causing the flow channel to widen further.  As material is reclaimed, the depth of the material on the conical surface decreases causing the flow channel to widen further.  As the reclaim channel widens, more vibrators are energized toward the perimeter of the conical surface causing all the remaining material on the conical surface to migrate into the reclaim opening.  The Walker Reclaimer combines the attributes of the stockpile over a reclaim tunnel and the vertical storage silo. 

PICOR is a turnkey contracting firm that specializes in difficult design projects.  Projects without ready-made solutions that require original design are the company's fotre.

PICOR wishes to thank one and all for their interest and for their time spent with us. 

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