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The WALKER RECLAIMER is a streamlined system that allows storage and reclaim of an unlimited amount of bulk material without the use of reclaim equipment commonly used in the industry. The WALKER RECLAIMER handles coal, iron ore, grain and other bulk materials by allowing barges, ships and other transporters to self-unload using a very simple, economical system.

While many reclaim systems require that stored bulk materials be pushed from reclaim tunnels to ports, which degrades the material and presents hazards to the equipment and operator, the WALKER RECLAIMER eliminates the need for additional equipment or manpower.

The WALKER RECLAIMER consists of enclosed storage on shallow square surfaces with reclaim gates in the center of each square. These square surfaces can be made in different sizes and arranged to accommodate the amount and type of material to be handled. When the reclaim gate at the center of the storage surface is opened, material flows until a stable inverted reclaim cone is formed. A network of vibrators then keeps material flowing into the gate until all material has been discharged.

This entire storage and reclaim system is operated from a central control room with operational costs consisting primarily of the energy required to operate the conveyors and vibrators. With the innovation and simplicity of the WALKER RECLAIMER, PICOR is forever changing the way bulk materials are stored and reclaimed.

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